Web Scraping Service

by GrabLab

What can i do and how

I have more than 6 years of experience in both consulting and developing libraries for web scraping. I consistently help save my clients time and money.

Rate per hour $40/h

I am interested in the following projects:

Semi-long term projects where 1-3 people are involved (who are ideally familiar with agile development practices).

Code review:

I can review your code and assist you with improvements.

Web Scraping:

Large website crawling - I can scrape millions of pages from website like Amazon, Yelp, AngelList.


Price comparison systems development. This consists of the regular crawling of few sources to extract data, transforming the data and finally loading the data of interest into a database.

REST API Development:

I can build an api on top of your data.

Data processing and Machine Learning:

I can build data processing pipelines, complex data aggregation pipelines, normalize data and load large volumes of unstructured data into the appropriate storage solutions.

Dashboard Creation:

I ca0n form a single page application to control the process of crawling and processing data.

Check the list of my projects for details